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Supply Solutions is a full line distributor of janitorial supplies, packaging supplies, and office products. We have a comprehensive ordering platform and offer next day delivery nationwide. We put together custom supply programs for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and everyone in between. We pride ourselves on world class customer service while maintaining a personal touch. We embrace our clients as partners and strive to help them attain their business goals relative to supplies and develop joint business plans to do so.



We achieve this through:

The Supply Solutions "PARTNER" Process:

Precisely identify needs

Analyze needs

Review findings with the customer

Transition carefully

Notify the customer of any issues

Evaluate our performance

Report back proactively and consistently



We recognize that our people are our most valuable assets and we are extremely selective about who joins our team. By hiring people who understand this vision, it truly creates a family environment within the organization which leads to a better overall customer experience. We are friends both at work and outside of work.

We foster collaboration and communication to keep everyone moving in the same direction toward a common goal: The Ultimate Customer Experience. 



We are here to Make an Impact!

We are the Up and Comers!

We are the Game Changers!


Our Purpose is to provide world class customer service to our clients and do everything in our power to help them attain their business goals pertaining to supplies; To grow our company and become the benchmark in excellence for distribution companies in the markets we serve; To be an active and positive influence in the community around us and to support organizations that share those beliefs.



Supply Solutions is a Certified Minority Owned Business. We believe strongly in diversity.  Not only diversity pertaining to race, gender, and belief, but also diversity of thought. We respect each other for who we are and what we believe as well as others in our community.

We believe that all men and women are created equal and will treat our employees, customers, and vendors accordingly. By instilling diversity into our company culture, we feel that we can have a positive impact on the business community sand engage more people to adopt these values.




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